Sunday, July 9, 2017

Military Deployment Boudoir Photography Gift | Testimonial

This gorgeous girl was about to leave for a year-long deployment, so she came and shot with us in order to give her husband the best ever "while I'm away" gift! She sent us a video of his funny! Check it out below, too cute!

Makeup by Erin Foster
boudoir photography before and after makeover

What inspired you to do a boudoir photoshoot and why did you choose Bad Girl Boudoir?
I decided to take the plunge and do a boudoir photoshoot because I was deploying with the military and I wanted to do something special for my husband prior to leaving. It was a complete surprise and his reaction was priceless. I chose Bad Girl after looking online and reading everyone's testimonials and seeing the beautiful and tasteful photos.

What were your feelings leading up to your session?
I was nervous and anxious heading into my photoshoot, but the nerves quickly went away with the warm welcome I received from Lindsay.

Tell us about your experience with Bad Girl Boudoir...
The entire experience from walking in the front door to having my makeup done, to the photos, and to selecting the photos and picking up the beautiful finished product was FANTASTIC and better than I ever thought. There are no words to describe how I felt during the processes of having the pictures taken and seeing the end result. Lindsay has a true and beautiful talent!

What's your advice for future clients looking to have a boudoir photoshoot?
Relax and have fun with it. And if you are on the fence about what package to get, go all in! I wish I would have done more.

You gave pics as a gift, what was his reaction?
I gave the pictures to my husband as a pre-deployment surprise and he LOVED it and was beyond surprised...

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