Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Best Boudoir Photographer Florida | All Female Staff

Makeup by Amanda Hopcraft

best boudoir poses | st. augustine, florida

I decided to do a boudoir session for many reasons. I wanted to have great shots to look back on in my later years. I also knew my husband would love it and I wanted to give him a gift he would always remember!I reached a point in my life where I finally liked who I was as a woman, and I wanted to embrace that by getting the photo shoot done!

natural light boudoir poses | st. augustine, florida

When searching online Bad Girl Boudoir just stood out to me because I really liked how the gallery is set up and I really enjoyed seeing all the great before and after shots of other women who decided to go for it!

best boudoir poses | st. augustine, florida

Leading up to the session I was really anxious and excited all in one. I spent several hours trying to search and piece together the perfect outfits I knew my husband would love. I had a friend doing hers around the same time as me, so it was fun helping each other prepare.

I liked how professional and detail oriented Lindsay was during the shoot. I could tell she cared about her work and wanted to help bring about the best outcome for my session. When I had first got there I was nervous, but Lindsay and Amanda were nice and talking with them helped me to get more comfortable and relaxed before the shoot. I loved my makeup and hair. I felt beautiful. Its nice that they offer that because it took the stress out of needing to schedule those services elsewhere. I like the no-stress all inclusive set up for the hair and makeup, Plus they made me look fabulous!

Let me just say its really awesome seeing the "sneek peek" gallery after the shoot! Especially the very first time, I was speechless. I knew it was totally worth it!

studio light boudoir poses | st. augustine, floridabest boudoir poses | st. augustine, florida

I gave my husband the book on this past Christmas Eve. I loved seeing him admire the photos. He told me it was the best gift he has ever gotten. I often catch him looking at it in his spare time and I know he really loves it, (what man wouldn't) :) His fave is one where I am standing holding his gun. So ladies if your man is into guns, or whatever he is into, I recommend adding something in your session that makes it personal towards him.

I recommend the Luxury Leather Book, as it is great quality and I loved that you can inscribe on the front!

military gun boudoir poses | studiogun boudoir poses | studio

My advice would be to totally GO FOR IT!

It will be worth the investment and it will be an experience you won't forget. Make sure you mention if you would like a certain poses! I was able to email Lindsay sample pics I thought my hubby would like and she did a great job mixing her style in with what I had in mind. I don't think you will regret it--Even if you are more of a "reserved" type (as am I). It was nice to break out of my shell and be "a bad girl" for a day ;)

silhouette boudoir poses

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