Friday, May 2, 2014

Inspiring Inspire Women! | Boudoir Photography is Contagious

Hello Ladies! Its been a whirlwind year so far! Its been unreal AND amazing--we've been shooting twice as many clients each month than before--now that we have the talented Sarah as part of our team!

I wanted to take a minute to give you a little peek in on some cool stuff that's been happening around here...

You have to check out this amazing blog post by fellow boudoir photographer Lauren Dahn of Ashland, Oregon. I photographed her several years ago, back when I was still running the studio out of my home--and also before Lauren was a photographer. Well, to make a long story short--she was totally inspired by her shoot with us that it made her want to become a photographer too! She wanted to inspire and change women's lives, so they too can experience the truth she realized. I love how she tells you how it is; raw. How she felt and how it enlightened her in more ways than one. Lauren tells the story best, so be sure to read the full blog article from the beginning of her journey as well as check out her BGB pics on her boudoir blog. Thank you for sharing this with everyone, Lauren. You are a true inspiration to women who just need to hear the truth.

"Being sexy does not undermine my intelligence." -photographer Lauren Dahn

Here's part of her article that talks about her shoot with BGB:

boudoir shoot made her a photographer too


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