Sunday, July 21, 2013

Boudoir Photography is all about Fantasy | The Importance of the Before and Afters

I'd like to take a moment to address the power of the before and after photos: I don't want anyone to just assume we over-edit or "over-makeup" and that's how we get these amazing transformations. Not at all. First of all, boudoir is about fantasy. Its about taking an every day woman and using the right tools to bring out her sexy, seductress side. Everything is kicked up a notch from the norm--from the outfits, to the makeup and hairstyling, to the poses and even to the facial expressions given to the camera. Boudoir is not about looking like your everyday self--its the celebrity-look treatment, the "glamorous" version of you.

I heard a great quote the other day from makeup artist Erin Foster:

"If you want to look like your normal, every day self--do your own makeup and go get pictures taken at Sears."

Lol that pretty much hits the nail on the head.

To further my point, I've included some samples from Playboy--the iconic and oh-so-envied Playboy PLAYMATES. Check out how they look on a normal every day basis and then their "Playboy Playmate" makeover (Playboy's signature look and lighting). Amazing right?! They're real women too! And see, if you saw them out in public in their normal, every day look you wouldn't think, "wow, she must be a Playboy model." Nope.

Playmate Before and After

Playmate Before and After

Playmate Before and After

And now you wonder, well all the Playmates are pretty young...what about the older women?
How does this turnout for them?

Well ladies, what I am stressing in this article is the power of the right team and tools. With the right makeup, hairstyling, lighting and equipment, poses, coaching and production--magic can happen. And you'll feel it. See it. And in-turn it will reflect in your photos. This is the fantasy, glamorous version of you--what you've always wondered you'd look like photographed in a seductive manner. Its a magical, confidence-boosting feeling and experience.

No Makeup SOOC After Retouching

Most portrait photographers, let alone boudoir photographers, don't like to show their 'straight off the camera' ("SOOC") photos--but that's because sometimes they want to tweak it or fix things before it is presented--And sometimes "hide" things they don't want you to see straight from camera. Here at Bad Girl Boudoir, we have so must confidence in our production and team, that we show our clients their photos on the back of the camera throughout the shoot! You'll look so stunning in person and right off the camera you'll feel amazing about yourself and your shoot right then and there. ♡

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