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Boudoir Photography is all about Fantasy | The Importance of the Before and Afters

I'd like to take a moment to address the power of the before and after photos: I don't want anyone to just assume we over-edit or "over-makeup" and that's how we get these amazing transformations. Not at all. First of all, boudoir is about fantasy. Its about taking an every day woman and using the right tools to bring out her sexy, seductress side. Everything is kicked up a notch from the norm--from the outfits, to the makeup and hairstyling, to the poses and even to the facial expressions given to the camera. Boudoir is not about looking like your everyday self--its the celebrity-look treatment, the "glamorous" version of you.

I heard a great quote the other day from makeup artist Erin Foster:

"If you want to look like your normal, every day self--do your own makeup and go get pictures taken at Sears."

Lol that pretty much hits the nail on the head.

To further my point, I've included some samples from Playboy--the iconic and oh-so-envied Playboy PLAYMATES. Check out how they look on a normal every day basis and then their "Playboy Playmate" makeover (Playboy's signature look and lighting). Amazing right?! They're real women too! And see, if you saw them out in public in their normal, every day look you wouldn't think, "wow, she must be a Playboy model." Nope.

Playmate Before and After

Playmate Before and After

Playmate Before and After

And now you wonder, well all the Playmates are pretty young...what about the older women?
How does this turnout for them?

Well ladies, what I am stressing in this article is the power of the right team and tools. With the right makeup, hairstyling, lighting and equipment, poses, coaching and production--magic can happen. And you'll feel it. See it. And in-turn it will reflect in your photos. This is the fantasy, glamorous version of you--what you've always wondered you'd look like photographed in a seductive manner. Its a magical, confidence-boosting feeling and experience.

No Makeup SOOC After Retouching

Most portrait photographers, let alone boudoir photographers, don't like to show their 'straight off the camera' ("SOOC") photos--but that's because sometimes they want to tweak it or fix things before it is presented--And sometimes "hide" things they don't want you to see straight from camera. Here at Bad Girl Boudoir, we have so must confidence in our production and team, that we show our clients their photos on the back of the camera throughout the shoot! You'll look so stunning in person and right off the camera you'll feel amazing about yourself and your shoot right then and there. ♡

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Secrets to Preparing for the Perfect Boudoir Photoshoot | Northeast Florida Photography

Boudoir. You hear the word being thrown around, especially if you’re engaged. But it terrifies you and sends heaps of thoughts bouncing through your head. Is boudoir something I can do? What do I wear? I’m too nervous. And I’m totally not photogenic. But will the photographer help me? I secretly would love to do this. But how do I prepare?

Sexy Bridal Boudoir Photography for Groom

"It is important for you to know that anyone can do a boudoir photoshoot. No matter her age, shape, size, no matter how nervous or non-photogenic--when you have the right tools as a client matched together with an experienced boudoir photographer, breathtaking images can be created."

Sexy Boudoir Photography Valentine's Day Gift for Boyfriend, Fiance, Husband
Sexy Black Women Boudoir & Pinup Photography // St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Gainesville, Orlando, Daytona, Tallahassee, Florida

Do some research.
Is there are particular style you are interested in? Traditional boudoir? Or maybe something more pinup? Research a variety of photographers to see what you like most. Get familiar with their portfolios and blogs. Do you notice a variety of body types, ages and skin tones of their clients? Can you relate with any of the women? Having a variety in their portfolio can be reassuring that they have more experience posing and photographing women across the board.

Tip: Don’t limit yourself to only local photographers. Look at this as a once-in-a-lifetime experience--an amazing keepsake you’ll have forever. You want these to be from your favorite photographer then, right? Boudoir is an investment, so making sure you choose your favorite photographer can play a huge role in your overall experience.

Bridal Boudoir Outfit Ideas White Bridal Corset Garter Belt Pearls Pinup

Plan your outfits.
Believe it or not, you don’t necessarily have to strip down or be nude for your boudoir session. Your man’s shirt and tie, or even a form-fitting corset, can be just as sexy as typical lingerie. Your photographer’s job is to coach you, pose you and create intimate images, meaning the outfit doesn’t necessarily have to do all the talking. Look for outfits that are going to accentuate the areas you’d like to show off as well as will de-emphasize or hide areas you’d prefer not to show.

Bring a variety of outfits, more than you need. Just in case. You may get halfway through your shoot and be inspired to do a different outfit instead of what you originally planned. Plan out your top outfits to make sure they aren’t too similar to each other. Again, you want to have a variety so your photos don’t all look the same. Maybe plan a few soft and feminine ones, a few darker, bolder ones and then maybe a few “themed” outfits, such as your lover’s favorite sports team jersey.

Tip: The most important thing to remember about outfit planning is make sure it fits properly. If you aren’t too crazy about the way an outfit looks in the mirror or the way it fits, you more than likely will not like the way it looks in the photograph. Trust me. Choose something else.

Get your nails and toes manicured. They will most likely show in the photos. Avoid applying fake tanner. Natural skin color photographs best. Tans tend to look uneven, unnatural and orange in the photographs. And over-spray-tanned skin can be a problem for matching makeup--you want your face color to match your body color, right?

Get rest, drink water and arrive to your session sober. You want to be alert and attentive in order to properly follow your photographer’s coaching. Don’t wear tight clothing before your session. It leaves marks and lines on your skin. Wear clear deodorant and don’t forget to shave or wax.

Tip: During the week leading up to your shoot, be sure to not only drink plenty of water during the day but apply lip balm or Vaseline on your lips every night before bed. This will help to give you perfectly plump, soft sexy lips for your shoot.

Boudoir Pinup Girl Photography // Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, Tallahassee, Gainesville, Daytona Pin-up PhotographerSexy Men's Shirt Boudoir Photo

Practice facial expressions.
Look through magazines and online. Practice and try out different facial expressions in the mirror. You’ll feel silly and may think all of your expressions look terrible, but just the effort of practicing will help prepare you for the photographer’s expression coaching. Facial expression is so important--it can make or break the photo. Your expression is what gives the mood.

Tip: While staring in the mirror, try to smile at yourself, but only using your eyes--not your mouth. Then slowly add in a small smile with your mouth. And then try parting your lips slightly, like you’re having to breathe out of your mouth.

Professional makeup.
Having professional makeup and hairstyling is a must. False eyelashes, a must. These are important factors that give you the right look for your photos. Having your makeup done also gives you time to sit down and relax before your shoot begins. And then seeing yourself all dolled up can help you “get into character”.

Tip: Professional cosmetics are not the same as drug store cosmetics. Professional cosmetics photograph high definition in a studio setting as well as with professional camera equipment. It is also important to have a professional makeup artist apply these cosmetics to ensure that it applied correctly.

Communicate with your photographer.
You have to be realistic that you may not absolutely love every single photo taken of you. Your photographer’s job is to make sure there are a fair amount that you do love however. So what can you do to ensure that you get tons of good ones? Be honest and up front with your photographer. Tell them what you are looking to do, what you like and what you don’t like. Also, don’t be shy about telling them any of your body insecurities. This information can be vital in making sure they get the right angles, poses and images you’ll love.

Tip: If there is a particular shot that you’ve seen and you want to try to recreate something similar, bring a sample photo for your photographer to see. This will be a lot easier than trying to explain it. Keep in mind though, every photographer is different and every woman is different--so that exact photo may not work for you the same way. Tell your photographer you like it, but to do what they need to do to make it work for you.

High Heels Boudoir PhotoSexy Woman in Red Dress and Glasses Boudoir // Boudoir Outfit Ideas

It is easier said than done, but this is the time to leave your self consciousness at the door. Trust your photographer to capture your beauty. Their job is to know how to properly pose you, light you and photograph you to make you fall in love with your photos.

If you let yourself go and get into it, you will not only find yourself having a blast but you will see it--the confident woman--reflecting in your photos. And don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. It can’t hurt to just try it. The worst thing is to leave your shoot wishing you would’ve gotten the nerve to try a few shots out of your norm.

Tip: Make a playlist of your favorite tunes and bring it to play during your shoot.

Take the day off.
Dedicate the whole day to your shoot. You will be better prepared and more focused. The less stress the better. Knowing you have to leave work by a certain time to arrive at your shoot on time can add unnecessary nervousness and anxiety. Instead, wake up and eat a light meal, gather your things and then head off to your photoshoot ready and excited.

Tip: Book your shoot weeks in advance in order to give you plenty of time to prepare everything. :)

Sexy Boudoir Curvy Women // St. Augustine, Florida Female Boudoir & Pinup PhotographerSeductive Full-figured Woman Boudoir Corset Whip Mask BDSM Waist Cincher Busty
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