Friday, May 3, 2013

Pinup Girl Photoshoot Testimonial with Mrs. C

Check out what Mrs. C had to say about her pinup girl photoshoot! She was so much fun, we can't wait to see her back for her...maternity session! YUP--another one! Preggers post BGB shoot! Do you think her sexy photos had something to do with it????--We think SO! Congrats Mrs. C and hubby!

Hairstyling by Lindsay, Makeup by Amanda Hopcraft

"I couldn't have asked for a better gift to myself and my hubby" - Mrs. C

Curvy Pinup Girl Mad Men Themed Boudoir Studio Photoshoot

What inspired you to do a boudoir photo shoot and why did you choose Bad Girl Boudoir?
I've wanted to do a pinup style shoot for a few years now. I have a fascination with pinups, even have a tattoo of one on my upper arm. Pinups are a classy type of sexy and leave something to the imagination. I did a boudoir shoot 3 years ago in my home and absolutely loved it! Getting photos done is a definite self-esteem booster. I chose BGB after doing an on-line search. They were the closest to me and after looking at their web site, had all your ducks in a row! Their web site was very informative. They were also quick and friendly in your e-mail correspondence with me :-)

What were your feelings leading up to your session?
Thrilled and excited! I loved going shopping for outfits before my shoot. I went to a lingerie store to get corsets and stockings especially for my shoot. Picking out clothes, jewelry, and props got me super excited. I couldn't wait for my day to come. I also looked at their list of things to keep in mind (nails painted, shave your legs, don't wear clothes that will leave lines) and felt totally prepared for my perfect pinup shoot.

Pincurls Pinup Hair Boudoir Photo
Classic Curvy Pinup Girl Legs

Tell us about your experience with Bad Girl Boudoir...
Lindsay and Amanda are a fantastic team! You girls made me feel like a total sex pot. From the beginning e-mails to the finished product of picking up my book and photos, it was a fantastic and non-stressing event. Amanda is on point with the makeup! I told her the look I was going for and she nailed it. She's phenomenal and definitely knows her stuff. Lindsay is professional, friendly, open to suggestions, and did great with coaching me during my shoot. She asked me what I wanted out of my shoot, looked at my outfits, and planned everything out. She had a game plan and I liked that. We all laughed and joked around which made me feel at ease. She showed me the first few photos on her camera and I couldn't believe that was me.

I recently found out I'm pregnant and will without a doubt be using BGB for my maternity photos! I've recommended Amanda and Lindsay to all of my friends. I couldn't have asked for a better gift to myself and my hubby.

Baseball Themed Boudoir Pinup Photographer
Sports Team Baseball Boudoir Outfit Ideas
Sports Team Baseball Boudoir Outfit Ideas
Sports Team Baseball Boudoir Outfit Ideas

You gave a photo book as a gift--what was your hubby's reaction?
My hubs flipped out (in a good way) when he saw the pics! Although I did this shoot more for myself, I gave him the book and edited photos. He's in the Navy and goes underway frequently. No doubt these will make the lonely nights a little easier. We looked through the photos together and picked out his favorites for final editing and printing. His favorites were of me smiling, of course, I was the total opposite and liked the ones where my face was more dramatic and serious. None the less he loved every single one of the photos!

What's your advice for future clients looking to have a boudoir photo shoot?
Don't hold back because you're scared, ashamed, or don't think you're "sexy" enough. I told many of my friends I was doing this and several of them were shocked. They said they could never do something like that. I have no idea why so many women are uncomfortable with their bodies? Don't be ashamed of what you have! Not every man finds a size 2 the sexiest thing on earth. I think EVERY woman should do this at least once in their lives. Don't doubt yourself and think you aren't good enough. Go for it! You deserve to feel beautiful!

Pincurls Pinup Hair Boudoir Photo

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