Thursday, May 2, 2013

Jacksonville, FL Boudoir Photographer Testimonial: Miss A! Boudoir Photoshoot for her Military Fiance

Interview with the gorgeous Miss--now MRS.--A! Read about her boudoir photoshoot, her sexy gift for her fiancé!

Makeup by Amanda Hopcraft

What inspired you to do a boudoir photoshoot and why did you choose Bad Girl Boudoir?
Bridal boudoir for my Groom-to-be and I chose because the website was extremely informative with all the right answers to my questions. It made me feel much more comfortable right from the get go because all the info I needed was right there up front.

What were your feelings leading up to your session?
I was a little nervous and insecure, but that was quickly resolved upon meeting the girls I worked with.

Sexy Full-Figured Boudoir PhotographySexy Full-Figured Boudoir Photography

Tell us about your experience with Bad Girl Boudoir...
I went for classic sexy pinup look and the girls really helped incorporate that with both makeup and minor accents like a flower in the hair and lighting.

Sexy Full-Figured Boudoir PhotographySexy Full-Figured Boudoir PhotographySexy Full-Figured Boudoir Photography
Above and Below: Her beautiful wedding veil...
Sexy Full-Figured Boudoir Photography
Below: His favorite perfume he bought for her...
Sexy Full-Figured Boudoir Photography
Below: Wrapped up the shoot with a few edgy and risqué shots...Sexy Full-Figured BDSM Boudoir PhotographySexy Full-Figured BDSM Boudoir Photography, edgy risque bondage dominatrix boudoir photos

When you gave him the book, what was his reaction?
He cant stop staring at it!! :) He carries the small one around with him in his uniform pocket and plans to take it out to sea with him. He said it made him feel extra special that he knows the photos (esp the uniform ones) were made just for him. Was a very personalized gift.

What's your advice for future clients looking to have a boudoir photoshoot?
Have your outfits/theme planned out. It makes it go much smoother than trying to bring a hundred different options. I went in there with a plan of knowing what I wanted out of the photos, a certain "look" if you will and I think it helped make it a smoother process.

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