Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tanning can RUIN your Boudoir photoshoot! And what about Tan Lines?!?!

Tanning for Boudoir Photoshoots

Its true, natural skin tone photographs best! If you tan right before hand, it can create a lot of problems for your photoshoot. I know its Florida and most of us are usually in the sun a lot, and its unrealistic for me to expect all clients to want to rock their natural skin color. BUT, if you are a sunbather, try to avoid the outdoor sun or tanning bed AT LEAST a week prior to your shoot. You don't want to look burnt, red or splotchy right?

"I haven't been out tanning lately because I know my photoshoot is coming up, but I still have awful tan lines! What do I do?!?!"

What to do about your tan lines: Do you go to a tanning bed? Spray tan? Leave them be?
That kind of depends really... it depends on the style of your boudoir outfits (how much they reveal), how harsh your lines are and the tone of your natural skin color. Freshly sun-tanned and/or spray-tanned skin almost always photographs terrible (with any skin color) and tends to give an unnatural orange/red glow. You may think it looks pretty natural in the mirror, but remember, we will be applying professional makeup and using professional equipment for your shoot that will translate a bit more high definition in your photos. Also, your face usually doesn't hold the same tan as the rest of your body (especially with spray tanning) because you wash your face more, and you want your face color to match the rest of your body in the photos right? Our makeup artists are pretty amazing in what they do, yes, but sometimes matching face skin to the rest of the fake-tanned skin can be very difficult and noticeable in the photos.

Also, do keep in mind that I typically don't photoshop out tan lines either because it will make that area of skin look unnatural. What I do, however, is soften them so they are not as distracting.

Spray Tanning: Don't get me wrong though, if you'd like a slight glow, have a few light spray tans done several days to a week prior to your session. Just light tans though! You don't want to look like an oompa loompa right? :)

Keep the Tan Lines: I've had some clients mention that their man thinks tan lines are sexy because it is showing areas that are normally covered up, BUT, I think it also depends on the outfits you will be wearing for your shoot. Some outfits may clash with your tan lines and others may not. For example, a tube top swim suit top will give you a hard-to-work-with tan line, since you will have a big stripe across your chest and cleavage. Get my drift? So definitely try on your outfits beforehand to see how they work with your tan lines.

So in conclusion, if your tan lines really bother you a lot, get a few light spray tans way prior to your shoot to even things out a bit more (and don't tan outdoors at least a week prior to your shoot). And don't worry, I can soften the lines more in post-production too. Or if your outfits hide most of your harsh lines, great! Don't go tanning any more at least a week prior to your shoot and arrive with your current skin tone. Your skin will photograph beautifully!

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