Friday, August 10, 2012

Boudoir Photoshoot Ideas // Posing, Lighting, Facial Expressions, Outfits

Boudoir Scrapbook, Photoshoot Ideas and Poses

Get out your scissors! All of you scrapbookers and organized planners will love this! Lol, but really, this is totally beneficial to you if you're planning your shoot and need some ideas and inspiration.

What better way to get some ideas for sexy outfits, body language and check out different facial expressions--Boudoir Scrapbooking! Research in men's magazines (Playboy, Maxim,..), women's clothing/lingerie catalogs (Frederick's, Victoria's Secret,..) and web searches to collect photos you love and organize them in a folder.

Boudoir Scrapbook, Photoshoot Ideas and PosesBoudoir Scrapbook, Photoshoot Ideas and Poses

** Now keep in mind we may not want to re-create a specific photo you found exactly, every client is different and the posing, lighting and styling may need to be adjusted to suit you best. Collecting the photos aren't meant to be given to the photographer with expectations that the same exact photos will be created. A good photographer will take your photo ideas in consideration and inspiration, but will make the shoot completely suiting to you, as well as still being true to their style. A good photographer doesn't want to rip off another photographer, we want to make our work our own. The photo scrapbooks are meant to help YOU get prepared for your shoot. **

Notice what outfits look good on different body types, as well as what types and styles of outfits emphasize areas and also hide other areas. Pay attention to facial expression, body language and where the models place their arms and hips. Practice them in the mirror! Even if you don't have the same exact body type, some of the same posing principles can be applied. Again, practice in the mirror and see what you like. I know you'll feel silly and feel like nothing looks good, but trust me when I say that practicing does make a difference when you come to your shoot. Don't worry, I'll still be coaching you through poses throughout your shoot, but practicing body language and facial expressions before hand helps dramatically "soften" your posing. Believe it or not, you won't be as stiff because you have seen some of this in your scrapbook and you have an idea about your body language from practicing in the mirror.

Boudoir scrapbooking is also great to organize a list of what types of "looks" you want. Do you want a girlie, cute and playful look? If so, choose outfits that reflect that--think lace, light colors (pink, white, pastels), ruffles, booty shorts, etc. Or would you rather have a shoot tailored to your man? Think men's shirt and tie, football jersey, military jacket, etc. Or would you like a mix of several "looks"?

Make a list of each "look", describe what you'll wear and what part of you you'd like to show off most in the outfit. Example, if its his men's shirt and tie, you may want to show off your cleavage. If its a cute babydoll outfit, you may want to show off the whole front of the outfit. You also may not have a preference of what shows in the photos exactly, but its good to have an idea of what you think is sexiest about the outfit.

Happy Boudoir Scrapbooking! ❤

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Boudoir Scrapbook, Photoshoot Ideas and Poses


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