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Boudoir Outfit Ideas & Suggestions: The Babydoll Lingerie Dress

Babydoll dresses are a great choice when thinking about outfits for your boudoir session. There is a huge variety of styles to suit each body type based on what you would like to show off, and also if you would like to de-emphasize other areas. Check out the info below, I have some suggestions and tips on selecting the perfect babydoll dress for your photoshoot!

Boudoir Outfit Ideas

Tips on picking out the perfect Babydoll for you:

1. If you want a smaller waist:
Look for babydoll styles like the one in the first photo above that "pinch" the waist with an accent, such as a ribbon or bow. This babydoll really brings your eye inward, focusing on all the lovely detail and patterns in the center around the cleavage. This inward focusing helps create the look of a smaller waist and really allows you to show off the girls.

2. If you want to hide your tummy area:
A lot of women aren't really fond of their tummy area and hips, especially after having children. Well don't worry, you can still look and feel sexy too without having to worry about your tummy area! The babydoll can be great for bringing all the attention up to the cleavage and eyes, while hiding the tummy area.

Look for textures, patterns and color accents! For example, lace fabrics photograph beautifully, helps de-emphasize areas with the texture and patterns, but is still sheer giving it that sexy look. Notice in the second photo above that your eye is drawn to her cleavage and face because of the pink accents, the black lace is slimming and sheer and the lace texture/patterns de-emphasize the hip areas.

3. If you want a curvier look, the hour glass shape:
Look for babydolls that use lines and patterns, such as the third photo above, to create that sexy feminine body. The lines curve inward then outward, emphasizing the look of an hour glass shape. The patterns also help bring your eye inward and de-emphasize the tummy area (especially if the babydoll dress is pretty tight fitting).

Boudoir Outfit Ideas

4. If you want to show off your petite, thin-frame:
Take a look at the first and second photo above, these are great styles that really accentuate the sexiness of the small, thin-framed body. They expose the shoulders, arms, thighs--and expose just enough in the mid-section to show off the small waist and flat tummy--making it very feminine and sexy.

The first two babydolls above are also excellent choices if you are a smaller chested woman. These styles are horizontal cuts across the chest area (not low cut), bringing your eye to the shoulders, arms and neck areas.

5. If your lover is in the Army, or likes to hunt:
I get asked this question a lot actually, "how do I make camo sexy?" Haha, I know, not something you think about every day. Well good news, you can find babydolls with camo patterns that actually make camo sexy! What!?! Check out the third photo above. This style will actually work well on all body types too.

Plus size boudoir fashionBoudoir Outfit Ideas

I hope these five tips have helped get you thinking about your perfect babydoll dress. The six photos above from and Frederick's are a few more examples of different babydoll styles that can work on different body types, shapes and sizes. Again, notice the textures, patterns, accents and cuts doing their jobs emphasizing and de-emphasizing areas!

Happy babydoll shopping!

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