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Boudoir Photography Testimonial from Mrs. K // Why a Boudoir Photoshoot is Perfect for You and Your Deployed Military Husband

We had the opportunity to welcome back the beautiful Mrs. K for her 2nd BGB photoshoot! I must say, her 1st shoot was amazing, but holy cow... she blew us away at her 2nd shoot! Check out the interview below on how she wanted to not only feel sexy about herself, but have something very special to send off to her deployed husband to let him know she is thinking of him. Read about her 1st session vs. her 2nd session with us!

Makeup by Amanda Hopcraft

Boudoir Photoshoot Before and After Photo

So you came back for a second photoshoot with BGB, yay! What inspired you to do a boudoir photoshoot again and why did you choose Bad Girl Boudoir?
I wanted to come back to BGB due to the wonderful experience I had during my first visit. And with the my husband's upcoming 1 year deployment overseas I wanted to give him a special gift for him to look at during those lonely nights. It was my way of letting him know that I love him tremendously and that I would be waiting for him to return home. The last deployment he was on he kept asking me to mail pictures of myself. But I felt strange taking a picture of myself in an unnatural position with me trying to look cute with the camera at an arm's length away from my face. I wanted him to have some pictures where he could see me in a more relaxed pose with fun, sexy outfits on to make him excited to come back home to me.

What were your feelings leading up to your 2nd session as compared to the 1st one?
I was very happy and excited to see Lindsay and Amanda again. I knew that I was in trusted hands and they would listen to my desires for poses and hair/makeup. I was more comfortable during my second visit to BGB studio. But I have to say that the care and ease of the entire experience I had during my first photo session is the reason I came back. I was fortunate enough to have the presence of my best friend during the first photo shoot. She and I shared a fun girls day by both having our pictures taken on the same day.

Boudoir Photographer Jacksonville, FloridaSexy Navy American Flag Military Boudoir Photo

Tell us about your experience with Bad Girl Boudoir.
I couldn't have asked for a better team of girls to do my pictures, hair and makeup other than BGB and Amanda Hopcraft makeup. I felt that they both listened to my desires to look seductive but still remain noticeable to my husband. I didn't want my hair and makeup to be so extreme that I wasn't recognizable in the pictures.

What was your favorite part of the whole experience?
There were many parts of the whole experience that I really enjoyed. I enjoyed the anticipation leading up my appointment when I was searching through various magazines and websites trying to find sexy, new outfits to wear for the photo shoot. I didn't want to bring any outfits my husband has already seen me in. I enjoyed having my makeup applied professionally by a very talented artist. I was excited to wear my new outfits and know that with each photo shot my photographer was creating a memorable, loving gift for me to send to my husband during his long deployment. And lastly searching through the proofs picking out my final selections and knowing how happy he will be when he receives his first care package from me with a bunch of new pictures of me for him to look at over and over again until he comes back home to me.

Shower Scene Boudoir Corset Photography

What's your advice for future clients looking to have a boudoir photoshoot?
If someone is extremely nervous about having their pictures taken, like I was the first time, I highly recommend taking a friend along for the Double Trouble package. Having my best friend come along with me made me feel more relaxed, since I am a very reserved, quiet person naturally. I recommend buying some new outfits that you will be comfortable wearing during the photo session. But I suggest stepping outside your normal comfort zone and choose outfits that are more exotic in design and color. Also bring along some type of article of clothing or item your significant other uses as an option to use in the photos. I do believe that the ladies coming to visit BGB should be adventurous and allow the makeup artist to create a beautiful, sexy appearance for you. You are there to show your sexy persona to your significant other. Why would you want your pictures and makeup make you look like you do everyday? This experience is going to be a gift to someone special in your life but it is also a gift to yourself. These pictures helped me to feel more comfortable in my own skin and allowed me to see a sexy side of myself I never really thought I had but my husband always told me about. The entire experience is a lot of fun and although it might be a little scary at first. Amanda and Lindsay are great at what they do. Trust them and you will have an incredible gift to give to someone you love.

Thank you Mrs. K for the great review and awesome advice for future clients!

Boudoir Photographer Jacksonville, FloridaBoudoir Photographer Jacksonville, FloridaBoudoir Photographer Jacksonville, Florida

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Boudoir Photoshoot Ideas // Posing, Lighting, Facial Expressions, Outfits

Boudoir Scrapbook, Photoshoot Ideas and Poses

Get out your scissors! All of you scrapbookers and organized planners will love this! Lol, but really, this is totally beneficial to you if you're planning your shoot and need some ideas and inspiration.

What better way to get some ideas for sexy outfits, body language and check out different facial expressions--Boudoir Scrapbooking! Research in men's magazines (Playboy, Maxim,..), women's clothing/lingerie catalogs (Frederick's, Victoria's Secret,..) and web searches to collect photos you love and organize them in a folder.

Boudoir Scrapbook, Photoshoot Ideas and PosesBoudoir Scrapbook, Photoshoot Ideas and Poses

** Now keep in mind we may not want to re-create a specific photo you found exactly, every client is different and the posing, lighting and styling may need to be adjusted to suit you best. Collecting the photos aren't meant to be given to the photographer with expectations that the same exact photos will be created. A good photographer will take your photo ideas in consideration and inspiration, but will make the shoot completely suiting to you, as well as still being true to their style. A good photographer doesn't want to rip off another photographer, we want to make our work our own. The photo scrapbooks are meant to help YOU get prepared for your shoot. **

Notice what outfits look good on different body types, as well as what types and styles of outfits emphasize areas and also hide other areas. Pay attention to facial expression, body language and where the models place their arms and hips. Practice them in the mirror! Even if you don't have the same exact body type, some of the same posing principles can be applied. Again, practice in the mirror and see what you like. I know you'll feel silly and feel like nothing looks good, but trust me when I say that practicing does make a difference when you come to your shoot. Don't worry, I'll still be coaching you through poses throughout your shoot, but practicing body language and facial expressions before hand helps dramatically "soften" your posing. Believe it or not, you won't be as stiff because you have seen some of this in your scrapbook and you have an idea about your body language from practicing in the mirror.

Boudoir scrapbooking is also great to organize a list of what types of "looks" you want. Do you want a girlie, cute and playful look? If so, choose outfits that reflect that--think lace, light colors (pink, white, pastels), ruffles, booty shorts, etc. Or would you rather have a shoot tailored to your man? Think men's shirt and tie, football jersey, military jacket, etc. Or would you like a mix of several "looks"?

Make a list of each "look", describe what you'll wear and what part of you you'd like to show off most in the outfit. Example, if its his men's shirt and tie, you may want to show off your cleavage. If its a cute babydoll outfit, you may want to show off the whole front of the outfit. You also may not have a preference of what shows in the photos exactly, but its good to have an idea of what you think is sexiest about the outfit.

Happy Boudoir Scrapbooking! ❤

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Boudoir Scrapbook, Photoshoot Ideas and Poses

Beautiful Redhead Boudoir Photography // Florida Boudoir & Pin-Up Photographer

Makeup by Amanda Hopcraft

Testimonial with the beautiful Mrs. A...

What inspired you to do a boudoir photoshoot and why did you choose Bad Girl Boudoir?
I've always wanted to do a real boudoir photoshoot, but I was was nervous about it. I didn't know where to start looking and didn't want to end up someplace uncomfortable. It was coming up on my first wedding anniversary and I wanted to do something special for my husband, so I started looking for someplace to get a photoshoot done. I came across Bad Girl Boudoir and the more I looked, the more I liked! I liked the fact that it was only women. Not only did it make me feel much more comfortable, but I don't think my new husband would have appreciated me dressing up in front of men! Plus, I knew that the editing and posing would be done from a woman's perspective, which made me trust that I would be helped to look my best. When I contacted Lindsay she was so kind and reassuring that it instantly put me at ease. The website was filled with great testimonials and amazing before and after pictures that really made me feel that BGB was the one for me!

What were your feelings leading up to your session?
I was really nervous before the session, I've never done anything like this before! But I was also really excited. I felt like I knew everything that I needed to know to be as comfortable as possible walking into the studio.

Redhead Boudoir PhotosBeautiful Redhead Boudoir Photo, Female Boudoir Photographer, Jacksonville, Florida

Tell us about your experience with Bad Girl Boudoir...
When I got there, I was nervous, but excited. When I met Lindsay and Amanda and we starting talking and doing my hair and makeup, I pretty much felt like I was hanging out with my girlfriends! They were so easy to get along with and so easy to talk to! They were really attentive to what I wanted my hair and makeup to look like, although I told them I trusted their opinion and they made me look great! I was so happy with how awesome I looked! I've never looked so pretty!!

Redhead Boudoir Photos

"I felt like I was on a magazine cover thanks to Bad Girl Boudoir!" -Mrs. A

Redhead Boudoir PhotosRedhead Boudoir Photos

What was your husband's reaction when he saw the photos?
Honestly, my husband's first reaction was concern over who the heck took these pictures of me! I don't blame him, I looked great! haha Once I told him, he was amazed! He was so happy and surprised that I would do something so risque, that it really made him happy. The photo book is now tucked away somewhere secret and he tells me he loves it, especially when I go out of town...

What's your advice for future clients looking to have a boudoir photoshoot?
I think the best advice that I could give someone is just to relax and have fun! Lindsay and Amanda are so great and make everything so comfortable that once you get started, it's really a lot fun. Have fun shopping for outfits, have fun practicing your sexy face and have fun taking the pictures! You are beautiful and you'll be amazed how great you'll look. I felt like I was on a magazine cover thanks to Bad Girl Boudoir!

Redhead Boudoir Photos

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Boudoir Outfit Ideas & Suggestions: The Babydoll Lingerie Dress

Babydoll dresses are a great choice when thinking about outfits for your boudoir session. There is a huge variety of styles to suit each body type based on what you would like to show off, and also if you would like to de-emphasize other areas. Check out the info below, I have some suggestions and tips on selecting the perfect babydoll dress for your photoshoot!

Boudoir Outfit Ideas

Tips on picking out the perfect Babydoll for you:

1. If you want a smaller waist:
Look for babydoll styles like the one in the first photo above that "pinch" the waist with an accent, such as a ribbon or bow. This babydoll really brings your eye inward, focusing on all the lovely detail and patterns in the center around the cleavage. This inward focusing helps create the look of a smaller waist and really allows you to show off the girls.

2. If you want to hide your tummy area:
A lot of women aren't really fond of their tummy area and hips, especially after having children. Well don't worry, you can still look and feel sexy too without having to worry about your tummy area! The babydoll can be great for bringing all the attention up to the cleavage and eyes, while hiding the tummy area.

Look for textures, patterns and color accents! For example, lace fabrics photograph beautifully, helps de-emphasize areas with the texture and patterns, but is still sheer giving it that sexy look. Notice in the second photo above that your eye is drawn to her cleavage and face because of the pink accents, the black lace is slimming and sheer and the lace texture/patterns de-emphasize the hip areas.

3. If you want a curvier look, the hour glass shape:
Look for babydolls that use lines and patterns, such as the third photo above, to create that sexy feminine body. The lines curve inward then outward, emphasizing the look of an hour glass shape. The patterns also help bring your eye inward and de-emphasize the tummy area (especially if the babydoll dress is pretty tight fitting).

Boudoir Outfit Ideas

4. If you want to show off your petite, thin-frame:
Take a look at the first and second photo above, these are great styles that really accentuate the sexiness of the small, thin-framed body. They expose the shoulders, arms, thighs--and expose just enough in the mid-section to show off the small waist and flat tummy--making it very feminine and sexy.

The first two babydolls above are also excellent choices if you are a smaller chested woman. These styles are horizontal cuts across the chest area (not low cut), bringing your eye to the shoulders, arms and neck areas.

5. If your lover is in the Army, or likes to hunt:
I get asked this question a lot actually, "how do I make camo sexy?" Haha, I know, not something you think about every day. Well good news, you can find babydolls with camo patterns that actually make camo sexy! What!?! Check out the third photo above. This style will actually work well on all body types too.

Plus size boudoir fashionBoudoir Outfit Ideas

I hope these five tips have helped get you thinking about your perfect babydoll dress. The six photos above from and Frederick's are a few more examples of different babydoll styles that can work on different body types, shapes and sizes. Again, notice the textures, patterns, accents and cuts doing their jobs emphasizing and de-emphasizing areas!

Happy babydoll shopping!

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