Sunday, July 29, 2012

Boudoir Testimonial with Mrs. G // Boudoir Photography Studio Review

Makeup by Amanda Hopcraft

"Doing the photoshoot was such an awesome experience so I hope I can encourage others." - Mrs. G

Asian Women Boudoir Photography Florida

What inspired you to do a boudoir photoshoot and why did you choose Bad Girl Boudoir?
My husband's birthday was coming up and I had no idea what to get him.  He is the kind of person who would be happy getting nothing but I wanted him to know how much he means to me.  He inspires me to exercise and eat right.  Encourages me to take care of myself inside and out.  So I am constantly looking at magazines and websites for fashion, beauty and fitness and I love looking at their expressions and poses.  So I thought "I would love do to that!" What an awesome birthday present for him. Checked into several photographers and one of my friends suggested BGB.  I had already been on the site and was impressed by the sensuality of her photos. Lindsay takes such tasteful and classy pictures. Also liked the all girl staff aspect. 

What were your feelings leading up to your session?
I was so excited when I booked my session. Lindsay was so acommidating dating with my schedule. The hardest part was keeping it a secret. I would put an outfit together and want to show him but couldn't because shopping for outfits was really fun. I looked through magazines and cut out pictures of poses I thought were really cute and made a folder. Kind of like my BGB photoshoot scrapbook.

BGB Tip: Mrs. G had the right idea in planning her shoot, looking through magazines and online photos, collecting the photos in a "scrapbook". Doing this will help you get an idea of what poses and looks you are drawn too. It will also give you ideas for outfits and what poses and expressions look good with different looks.

Asian Women Boudoir Photography Florida
Asian Women Boudoir Photography Florida
Asian Women Boudoir Photography Florida

Tell us about your experience with Bad Girl Boudoir.
I wasn't nervous at all, more excited on the day of the shoot.  Practiced smiling in the mirror, played with different hairstyles and tried to emulate the poses from my "scrapbook". Got to Lindsay's, suitcase and all, and we hit it off. Laughed and talked the whole time. Amanda was amazing with my make-up. She knew exactly what to do. Lindsay asked how I wanted my hair so she did it sexy.  Almost like the three of us having a makeup and dress up day only I was the model. Looked and felt really hot and sexy! Mission accomplished!

What was your husband's reaction to his gift?
I gave an empty picture frame to my husband on the morning of his birthday.  Then I gave him the BGB box and told him he could pick out a photo to put in it.  He was so surprised and had no idea what I had been up to. All this took about a month. He said I looked amazing and could not put the book down. Just kept looking at it. Front to back then back to front. So happy! Best gift ever! 

What's your advice for future clients looking to have a boudoir photoshoot?
My advice to any woman looking into boudoir: DO IT!!! If not for someone else just do it for yourself. You will never regret looking and feeling like a supermodel. Lindsay takes you through each pose and shows you the pictures during the session.  She is very meticulous and makes you feel so comfortable. Practice smiling  in the mirror. Have a fashion show with your girlfriends so they can help you decide which outfits look best.  Every woman should do this with BGB. Its an experience you will never forget.  I am hoping to do this annually probably about the same time each year and I am also thinking about doing a calendar for my husband. 

Thank you Mrs. G for the awesome testimonial! - BGB Team

Asian Women Boudoir Photography FloridaAsian Women Boudoir Photography FloridaAsian Women Boudoir Photography Florida