Monday, March 26, 2012

Interview with the sexy Mrs. J // Florida Boudoir & Glamour Photographer

Makeup by Amanda Hopcraft

What inspired you to do a boudoir photoshoot and why did you choose Bad Girl Boudoir?
My sister actually inspired me to do the photoshoot. As soon as she told me about it I was sold! I looked at the Bad Girl Boudoir website and was so impressed and you made it sound so fun and easy!

What were your feelings leading up to your session?
Prior to my session I was so excited about picking out/buying outfits to wear and imagining how it was going to be. The day of the session I was so nervous driving there. Once I arrived and met Lindsay and Amanda I thought wow, I can be totally comfortable with this and soon began to see you both as my friends, not someone I "hired". That's how cool you guys both are!

Tell us about your experience with Bad Girl Boudoir...
My experience was absolutely great, I would definitely do it again. Once I got the hang of the poses and relaxation of my hands, facial expressions, etc it was really a lot of fun. I think it especially helped that Lindsay showed me pictures as we went along. That way I could see where I was tense and make the next picture better. I loved the way Lindsay did my hair so much that I went out and bought the same curling iron but couldn't master using it. I really loved my hair! Amanda did a perfect job with my makeup and my sister and I loved her so much she did our makeup for my sister's wedding as well! I would have loved to have had Lindsay there to do my hair too :)

What was your husband's reaction when he saw the photos?
My husband was so happy and amazed with the pictures and book. At first he asked me, you know, questions like "who took these and where?" And "where was our son that day?" haha husband and father questions. Then he told me he wanted a monthly subscription haha!

What's your advice for future clients looking to have a boudoir photoshoot?
My advice for future clients is go for it because you won't regret it. Lindsay will teach you how to pose and make you feel so comfortable. You will be so incredibly happy with the results! Trust me when I say I had no clue how to pose for pictures like this and my pictures look like I model for magazines! Lindsay does excellent and high quality work!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spotlight on "Retro Postcard" Photoshop Action by Bad Girl Boudoir // Boudoir Photography Photoshop Action Set

Check out some before and afters of BGB's Photoshop Action "Retro Postcard", included in the BGB Photoshop Actions set! Retro Postcard is 1 of the 5 awesome, fully-adjustable actions--plus 11 add-on tones!!

Boudoir Photography Photoshoot ActionsBoudoir Photography Photoshoot ActionsBoudoir Photography Photoshoot Actions

This action also works beautifully on outdoor portraits!

Boudoir Photography Photoshoot ActionsBoudoir Photography Photoshoot Actions

We handcrafted these actions to be great for both natural light and studio lighting photos, and are all adjustable to your own liking. Mix and match for hundreds of variations! Compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS2-CS5.

The Action File will be sent to you via email after payment is received. Expect to receive the email within 24 hours of your purchase.

Due to the nature of digital products, it is industry standard not to provide refunds. All Sales are Final. These actions are copyright protected and may only be used for a single user. You may not share, repackage, resell, copy, or redistribute these files in any way. You agree to this upon purchase and Terms of Use. Copyright © 2011 BAD GIRL Boudoir PS Actions.

BGB Boudoir Photoshop Action Set - $20.00

Warm Vintage, Rich Contrast, Retro Postcard, High Fashion, Black & White, + 11 Add-on Tones: Shifts & Hazes: Sepia, Golden, Vintage, Old Film, Honey, Blue Silver, Almond Haze, Lavender Steel, Vintage Peach, Pink Haze, Soft Negative.
Mix, match and tweak opacities to create hundreds of variations!

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BGB Boudoir Photography Adobe Photoshop Actions

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