Thursday, February 2, 2012

Boudoir Photography Mentoring // Boudoir Photographer Lessons, Mentoring, Tips, Workshops, Classes // Lighting, Posing Techniques

Boudoir Photography Mentoring // Boudoir Lighting & Posing Mentoring Workshop for Photographers
Boudoir Photography Mentoring // Boudoir Lighting & Posing Mentoring Workshop for Photographers

So as some of you may not know, I have a background in Graphic Design, along with Web Design and Search Engine Optimization Management. I graduated from college with a concentration in Graphic Design and worked in the design industry, as well as the advertising/marketing industry, for several years. So with that said, having that knowledge and experience and then applying it to my photography business has really paid off. To be completely honest, I believe my design background played a huge roll in allowing my business to grow so fast. Which in turn allowed me to quit my day job a year ago and go full-time as a photographer and entrepreneur.

Designers and Photographers have a lot in common too...
We must find that perfect balance between the purpose and function of an image as well as its artistic qualities.

I was drawn to photography as a designer because I found that composing a photograph within the corners of a camera’s viewfinder is very much like laying out an ad, poster or an illustration for a client. Just as a designer uses the principles of balance, alignment, contrast and negative space to produce an effective design, a photographer must also use the same principles in order to get a visually extraordinary photo. Beginning as a designer and then exploring photography has definitely made me more sensitive to composition in all the things around me. I see the world in terms of balance, proximity and contrast, as though I am constantly composing a scene in my mind.

Here are a few of my favorite designs from the past...

Last Place Winners Mixtape Release Party FlyerMy Design!!! Last Place Winners Mixtape Release Party 4-24-2010Last Place Winners Concert Flyer2010 Corporate 5k Run T-Shirt Graphic for Ring Power
2010 Corporate 5k Run T-Shirt Front/Back for Ring Power
Pellegrino Studios BrochuresPellegrino Studios Direct MailerFUSE Dance Off Pants Off Underwear PackagingLast Winter Album Design ConceptRing Power CAT Wall Mural DesignRing Power CAT Finished Lunchroom Wall Mural

Because we are creative professionals, we are tempted to do everything ourselves — including graphic design, branding, marketing and web management. But that's not always best. In doing so, we risk looking amateurish — which is not a branding that will help your business. You know you've seen those awful logos with the hard-to-read script fonts and the distracting ornate borders around it... Or that dreaded Papyrus font, ugh, a designer's worst nightmare. And because our photography businesses are like our children, we are very close to it and it is hard to be truly objective. So its always good to get a new set of trained eyes to review your brand for a fresh prospective. You'll be surprised what wonders this will do for your brand!

So check out the pricing for the 2012 one-on-one private mentoring sessions for photographers interested in learning more about the business of boudoir photography. So whether you'd like to expand your business to explore boudoir, or if you just need some portfolio building's what Bad Girl Boudoir has for you!

3 Hour Private Mentoring Session - $575
with Photographer Lindsay Pullen

  • Business Plan Review
  • Portfolio & Website Review
  • Marketing & SEO Review
  • Editing & Workflow Review
  • Sample Business Documents
  • Lighting & Posing Demonstration
  • Photoshoot with Model at BGB Studio (Pro Makeup Artist Included)
  • 1 Year Listing on

1 Hour Private Mentoring Session - $375
with Photographer Lindsay Pullen

  • Lighting & Posing Demonstration
  • Photoshoot with Model at BGB Studio (Pro Makeup Artist Included)
  • 3 Month Listing on

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