Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sexy Boudoir Photobook // The Perfect Sexy Gift!

BGB's premium, hard cover photobooks are hand crafted and printed on real photographic silver-halide paper with a lustre finish, bright saturated colors and excellent flash-tones. And the best part is that BGB’s layouts are completely customizable! I personally design each layout myself. In the photo below, you can see our top three most popular cover designs.

Left: The Pattern-style Cover (less conspicuous).
Middle: The Gift-style Cover (photo plus personalized message).
Right: The Photo-style Cover (more artistic and sensual, especially with a black and white photo).

The inside spreads are designed incorporating a variety of layout designs, some pages allowing for several photos framed with decorative patterns, while other pages can include one, large photo across the whole spread. The lay-flat design of the book allows for a virtually non-existent center gutter, which doesn't interfere with one photo printed across both pages.

Also, (in case there is any confusion with the different package's photobooks)... the upgraded, larger Peep Show Photobooks that are included in The Supermodel Package are designed with the same layout design approach. You can see some sample photos of the inside layout design on BGB's Gallery Page, click the Peep Show Photobooks & Products Button!

Custom Designed Boudoir Photography Photobooks

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